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Report an Absence

To report an absence, please click here.

Elementary Attendance and Tardy Procedures - CLICK HERE

Attendance Policies and Procedures

The State of California has a compulsory education law. This law states that scholars are required to attend school punctually and regularly.

  1. Excused Absence: Absence for causes listed in the State Educational Code are: illness, medical, dental, and optometry appointments. For any type of doctor’s appointment, please bring a doctor’s note.
    * Scholars that have a morning or afternoon doctor appointment are required to come to school for the portion of the day that the scholar is not at the doctor’s office. (Example: Scholars that have morning appointments must come to school after the appointment, and scholars having afternoon appointments, must come to school for the morning).
  2. Unexcused Absence: Absences for any reason other than those listed above. Truancy that is intentional is a violation of state attendance laws.
  3. Independent Study : We understand that on rare occasions you must be away from school for an extended length of time. For these unforeseen situations, parents may request a Limited Independent Study which is valid only for 5-10 days. Limited Independent Study must be approved by the Principal and Teacher.
    1. Parent/ guardian of the students shall complete the Master Agreement for Limited Independent Study in the school office no less then 10 school days prior to the absence.
    2. Limited Independent Study will only be authorized if the students will be missing no less then 5 school days and no more than 15 school days for the school year.
    3. The teacher will provide the work to the students on the last day the students are present at school.
    4. The students must return the completed work to the teacher on the first day of their return. No partially completed work will be accepted for credit.
    5. Truancy and excessive tardiness may cause a transfer permit to be revoked.
  4. Reporting Absences:

    To report an absence, please click here.

  5. Tardies: Scholars arriving late to school 30 minutes and/or more will be considered truant if there is not a medical reason (see excused absences). Scholars arriving late to school 30 minutes or more must be signed in by parent. Scholars that have excessive absences and or tardies will be referred to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB).

Please remember that consistent attendance (including being on time to school) is critically important. Do not schedule vacations during the school year. The school loses state funding and your child misses a very important day of instruction and learning.